Mermaid’s Pearls Online Slot Review: Let’s Dive Into the Exciting Hunt for Astonishing Treasures

Mermaid’s Pearls Online Slot Review: Let’s Dive Into the Exciting Hunt for Astonishing Treasures

RTP 97% 

The famous gaming company RealTime Gaming released a new online slot game in the summer of 2019 with a gorgeous blue vibe and high RTP. Mermaid’s Pearls Online Slot has five reels and 3,125 paylines, and it’s already gaining huge popularity at virtual casinos. This video slot has an impressive RTP of 97%; however, high RTP rates are typical for RTG slots in general. Now, let’s see everything that Mermaid’s Pearls has to offer, how it looks, and how it’s played. We shall now guide you through a detailed review of this video slot, so better get ready!

</p> <h2>Let’s Uncover the Secrets of the Sea</h2> <p>

Mermaid’s Pearls has a modern 5×5 reel setup, and it grants players many ways of winning some serious cash — more precisely, 3,125 of them! In the best-case scenario, you can win $125,000 per spin with this slot if you manage to trigger the reward of 2,500x your stake. The game allows you to choose from a decent range of betting amounts. You can bet on Mermaid’s Pearls at any amount between $0.20 and $50, depending on the coin size you choose. Of course, we are going to explain to you the rules of the game in detail later in the review. In addition, you can play this video slot game for real money, for free in the practice mode, or by using the bonus free spins some casinos offer. You can claim your 25 Free Spins now by clicking on this link.

Also, we have some good news for those who like to gamble at online casinos when they’re on the move! You can play Mermaid’s Pearls video slot both on your PC and your mobile device! Now, it’s time to reveal the story behind this game and talk about its theme and art.

</p> <h2>The Audio, Visuals, and the Story Behind the Mermaid’s Pearls</h2> <p>

The theme of the game is set in the mysterious sea depths where generous and beautiful mermaids rule their magical realm! The goal of this slot is to trigger as many rewards as you can as you spin your way to the fortunes hidden deep below the sea level. You can also trigger prizes hidden in the shipwreck bonus and change your bank account balance significantly. Your guide on your magical underwater hunt for real money and fun is a beautiful fair-haired mermaid. Also, did you know that mermaid characters from this video slot are designed according to the real photos of beautiful real-life models that were dressed up as magical sea creatures? Well, now you know that real beauties cheer you on as you try to trigger your free spins and wilds!

Mermaid's-Pearls Slot Gamble

The theme, audio, and visuals in Mermaid’s Pearls get the highest marks from us as every aspect of the game contributes to creating a fantastic under-the-sea atmosphere. In this video slot, you will be surrounded by bubbles, gorgeous shades of blue, clams, a breathtaking underwater scenery, and abundant marine life. The cold colors from the slot’s background bring beauties of the magnificent ocean to life, while warm and lively colors of rewarding symbols tell you that fortune is only a few clicks away.


</p> <h2>Free Spins, Paylines, and Jackpot: Mermaid’s Pearls Online Slot</h2> <p>

The moment you start playing Mermaid’s Pearls, you will be rewarded with one pretty obvious prize — a chance to take a glance at beautiful models and enchanting visuals of the game. However, cash prizes and free spins are just around the corner, waiting for you, hidden in many paylines. So let’s talk about the money that you can win while exploring the sea depths and following your mermaid friend into your azure adventure!

This five-reel video slot has 3,125 ways to win, a maximum jackpot of $125,000, and a vast range of betting limits $0.20 to $50. Now, the most fantastic features of the game that will instantly earn your attention are Pearl Meter, the already mentioned Shipwreck Bonus, and beautiful Treasure Pearl that bring free spins!

Now, the symbol that carries serious fortune is the Pearl symbol! When you manage to get 15 Pearls, you can earn 5x your stake. However, if you get 25 Pearls, you can win 2,500x your stake and go home a rich man! Now, all Pearls that you acquire during the game are displayed on the Pearl Meter. So this feature keeps track of your progress for you. After you acquire 300 Pearls, you get an opportunity to unlock the Shipwreck Bonus and play the mini bonus game with its own prizes! However, if you acquire more than 300 Pearls, you can get even wilder prizes. For 600 Pearls, you get a chance to unlock the Treasure Pearl feature that carries ten free spins. While playing these magical free spins brought by Treasure Pearl, your prizes can be boosted with special multipliers that go up to 5x.

</p> <h2>How to Play Mermaid’s Pearls Slot</h2> <p>

We have learned what you can win by playing Mermaid’s Pearls Slot; now, let’s learn how to play this video slot machine at virtual casinos! Even though this title is heavily loaded with free spins, multipliers, and cash, the rules of this game are easy peasy — you will learn them in a heartbeat. Let’s see what you need to do to enjoy this fantastic RTG slot, from accessing the game to choosing your bets.

As we’ve mentioned before, the ultimate way to dive into your Mermaid’s Pearls experience is through the link that we provided at the beginning of our review. This link will guide you directly to the game and grant you free spins so that you can get a perfect taste of what this game is all about — many rewards and a magical atmosphere! After you launch the game in your browser, you get to choose between two main playing options — spinning the reels or autoplay. The autoplay feature is reserved for those who prefer just to sit back and watch those reels spin by themselves. Additionally, you can access the game through various devices.

When you are ready to choose your bet, you can place as low as $0.20 per line or as high as $50. Of course, the amount of your initial bet directly influences how much money you can win. Also, you need to pay attention to the Pearl Meter since it will tell you how far you are from claiming additional rewards, such as the Shipwreck Bonus. The moment your Pearl Meter score grows to 300 or 600 pearls, you become entitled to great prizes. Finally, 25 Pearl symbols on the screen are the scenario that will grant you the magical prize of 2,500x your current stake.

</p> <h2>Conclusion</h2> <p>

Great minimum and maximum betting limits, huge jackpot, numerous paylines, and outstanding visuals — this is how we can explain Mermaid’s Pearls in short! This online game of chance grants excitement, fun, and an opportunity to win serious money! If you are ready to explore the hidden treasures deep below the sea level, try this slot at an online casino and let the beautiful mermaid guide you toward fun times! RTG has already enriched many online casinos with its fantastic games, but now it went even further with this creative gaming concept. This game maybe features betting limits, but it doesn’t set the boundaries on the excitement!

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