Cleopatra Slots Guide

Cleopatra Slots Guide

In the halls of Egypt laced with endless treasures, rare jewelry, and glistening gold, no one was richer or more beautiful than Queen Cleopatra. As the Last Queen of Egypt, she became a legendary figure and was among the most famous women ever to walk this planet, leaving behind a colossal impact on history with her legendary yet quite tragic tale. Cleopatra’s enchanting charm and unparalleled intellect have undoubtedly made her into the definitive femme fatale of the ancient world. It’s no wonder then that Cleopatra slots are some of the most popular online games, with gorgeous designs and numerous ways to win the riches of Ancient Egypt!

Cleopatra Theme

There are dozens of slots online that are dedicated to the unforgettable Queen Cleopatra; however, if you wish to test your luck, let us show you the best and the most popular titles. Take a look at our Cleopatra slots guide! 

  1. Cleopatra Slots: Mystery and Charm
  2. Top Cleopatra Slot Games
  3. Final Thoughts
</p> <h2 id="Games">Cleopatra Slots: Mystery and Charm</h2> <p>

If there’s one drawback of the online slot world, it would be the fact that many themes get recycled and copied by various developers. That’s why it can be a nuisance when you’re trying to check out the greatest games. It’s not easy, as many providers strive to offer the best graphics, gaming features, and above all, the most attractive payouts. These are precisely the factors we’ll look into while exploring the best games in this genre.

Firstly, it’s essential that the video slot design stays true to the enchanting beauty of the Queen and the Egypt theme. Then, we’ll evaluate some gaming features, bonus rounds, and jackpots, and lastly, we’ll focus on payouts. In the end, it’s all about collecting the loot, and there’s no better way to do that than in Egypt: the wealthiest civilization of the ancient world!

What Are the Features of Cleopatra Slots?

You have probably seen an Egypt-themed slot before, be it one with a Ra plot or a Cleopatra story. It’s a thrilling theme to focus on, especially for slots, because these types of games offer a thrilling adventure and an opportunity to win ancient treasures.

The first juicy trait that will catch your eye is the unique and mysterious selection of game symbols. Namely, for most Cleopatra slot machines, you should expect to see superb images of pyramids, scrolls, hieroglyphs, the Eye of Horus, Sphinx, scarabs, cats, the ankh, and various artifacts made of gold. The same goes for the background and overall slot design, which will feature various Egyptian elements. Of course, in many cases, the wild or even the highest paying game icon will be the Queen herself, aka the Cleopatra symbol. 

Moreover, most of the games will come with a variety of payline/reel combinations, bet denominations, as well as jackpots and varying RTP rates. Many games in the genre will offer the legendary treasure every gambler seeks — progressive jackpots! 

</p> <h2 id="Slot">Top Cleopatra Slot Games</h2> <p>

This theme was explored by many respected providers like RTG, Rival, Novomatic, Playson, etc. Here’s a list of our favorite and most recommended slots with this theme:

  1. Cleopatra’s Coins — The Rival slot is quite unique since it blends Roman and Egyptian design, staying true to the era of the Queen’s rule. It’s based on 15 paylines, five reels, and it includes a base jackpot of 5,000 in coins. Moreover, there’s a bonus game where the player gets to choose between some ancient vases in order to win prizes. Additionally, its RTP is around 95%.
  2. Legend of Cleopatra — With a 10,000 base jackpot in coins, this Playson title is definitely worth a few spins. While it looks fantastic and features a neat Egyptian design, it has 100 paylines as many as six reels. There are plenty of gaming options here, and the RTP goes slightly above 95%.
  3. Queen Cleopatra — Made by Novomatic, this slot incorporates some neon colors and a slightly more contemporary look. It includes ten paylines and five reels with expanding wild symbols and a fixed coin jackpot (10,000). And the return is approximately 95.7%.
  4. Cleopatra Slot — This famous IGT slot contains a fun bonus feature that gives you a shot at nearly 200 free games that include 3x multipliers. Another multiplier could go up to 6x. The game includes a variety of bet sizes and some neat ancient symbols. Also, the fixed jackpot is similar to the other games and includes a 10,000 prize in coins.
  5. Cleopatra’s Gold — This slot was created by the revered RealTime Gaming, and it’s among the best available. It contains some 20 paylines and the usual five reels, gorgeous game symbols, plus a multiplier of up to 500x. There’s a way to unlock a free spins feature and a 10,000 coin base jackpot. The game comes with a high RTP of above 96%. Best of all, this slot contains a progressive jackpot.

There are many other slots with the same theme, including Cleopatra’s Secrets, Queen of Gold, Queen of the Nile II, Cleopatra II, etc. However, the titles we’ve listed above are the top Cleopatra slots according to us. They meet all the criteria outlined earlier and truly provide an entertaining experience while giving you a shot at some big wins. 


The gameplay and basic rules of Cleopatra games are identical to other slots. The main change here lies in the games’ atmosphere and subtleties in the bonus rounds and specific rules. Mainly, online slots fans will not need to learn any new ways to play. Namely, the majority of the top games with this theme will present you with all the controls necessary right on the game screen. 

The games will provide you with buttons to set bet amounts and payline options, as well as the common controls for spin and stop. Cleopatra-Slots

Most Cleopatra titles will give you a convenient autoplay mode — if you wish to spin for longer, you can use the feature to run the game automatically. What’s more, before spending real cash on the games, most titles will allow you to spin them for free in the demo mode with an imaginary bankroll of around $1,000.

Most importantly, the slots can be launched on desktop but also platforms such as Android, iOS, and others. All in all, players should expect to get high-end graphics and flawless gameplay, especially in the recommended games we’ve listed.

Winning Tricks

And when it comes to winning, if you have any previous knowledge or experience, it will surely be useful here. As for the payouts, most games will feature different winning combinations and a variety of major and minor icons. Additionally, as you’ve seen on our list, many have scatter symbols plus wilds. For example, the Sphinx symbol could stand for one of those.

The reason we picked titles such as Cleopatra’s Coins and Cleopatra’s Gold is that they are rather profitable while being cost-effective. They include high payout rates, ensuring that players will not lose as much money in the long run compared to other games. In addition, it’s best to take advantage of that with proper management of your total funds. Most of the top Cleopatra games from our list come with an accessible range of coin denominations and wager limits, ensuring that you can select the type of wager that suits your budget and then get equal chances of winning. 

It’s also possible that some of the slot games from our list can be played with bonuses, so keep that in mind when you’re thinking about which online casino to pick. 

</p> <h2 id="Final">Final Thoughts</h2> <p>
If you are an Ancient-Egypt fanatic or if you’re just looking to gaze upon the beauty of Queen Cleopatra, the games we’ve mentioned will surely tickle your imagination. If you’re brave enough to set off on an adventure to Ancient Egypt, check out some of our recommended Cleopatra games and good luck!

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