Big Red Slots

Big Red Slots


Slots represent the most popular games of chance, and they come in various forms. The idea of having a machine deliver coins after a spin of the reels has appealed to many ever since the game emerged on the market. That is why it is available under a wide range of names all around the world. The original form of the game implied assembling the highest poker hand. Afterward, the One-armed Bandit stepped onto the scene. Ever since then, spinning the reels has been a favorite activity in the gambling community.

The increasing popularity of slots does not come as a surprise. The concept of the game is simple to grasp, and the game itself is quite entertaining, especially when it features different themes. Furthermore, it may represent one of the easiest ways of winning money.

Over the past several decades, the internet has taken over the major part of the industry. Online casinos, along with virtual poker rooms and bookmakers overwhelmed the market, and the online version of slots followed. Nowadays, a vast number of people prefer engaging in their favorite gambling activity at home to going to a traditional site. Virtual slots are more accessible, they come in a broader variety of themes, and they offer a higher RTP rate.

In this article, we will review Big Red slot machine, analyzing various aspects of the game. If this topic interests you, or even if you are into online slots in general, stay tuned.

  1. Game Format
  2. Big Red Slots: Theme
  3. Big Red Slots: How to Play the Game
  4. Payouts
  5. Final Thoughts
</p> <h2 id="Format">Game Format</h2> <p>

This is one of the most popular titles developed and operated by Aristocrat. It presents five reels and five paylines, thus falling into the category of standard slots. It provides a fixed jackpot that can bring you $1,250 provided that you manage to land it. Furthermore, it implies free spins bonus in addition to a wild and scatter symbol that, each in its own way, play substantial roles in assembling a winning combination.

Given its characteristics, this Aristocrat slot presents a standard slot game format. It does not feature bonus games, multipliers, or a progressive jackpot, thus seeming rather simple. However, its format is not the only aspect that needs evaluation in the process of reviewing the game. In the following sections, we will discuss how to play this game and analyze its theme and the payouts it can deliver.

</p> <h2 id="Theme">Big Red Slots: Theme</h2> <p>

The software company that developed this game is Australian. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the game features Australian outback as its theme. The graphics depict the wilderness of the continent, presenting animals typical of the territory. Additionally, the sound effects complement the overall impression, blending into the scenery and leading you straight to the home of kangaroos.

The staples on the reels present other animals aside from kangaroos. Wild boars, eagles, dingoes, and crocodiles all represent symbols. In addition to the wildlife, there are playing card symbols, and a tree icon alike, which is the scatter.

Furthermore, the kangaroo symbol acts as the wild icon, substituting for all the other ones, except for the scatter. We will elaborate on the symbols, their worth, and the general gameplay in the following chapter.

</p> <h2 id="Play">Big Red Slots: How to Play the Game</h2> <p>

Prior to getting into the details regarding the gameplay, we must emphasize that the game is accessible for free. We highly advise you to test the game before wagering on it, for several reasons. First of all, the whole point of gambling is to have fun, and you should not risk your money solely in order to determine whether a certain game suits you. Further, familiarizing yourself with a game for free can significantly contribute to your way of playing it for real money. Moreover, it can influence the choices you make regarding the amount of your bet, for instance.


The amount of money you can wager on a single payline ranges from 0.01 to 0.10 units. When multiplied by the number of paylines, your total bet varies from 0.05 to 0.50 units. The play button in the lower right corner offers the autoplay option. The number of spins ranges between 1 and 100, depending on your choice.

</p> <h2 id="Payout">Payouts</h2> <p>

The RTP rate of Big Red slots qualifies as one of the highest on the online gambling market at 97.04%. We figure that the particular piece of information is essential for choosing the slot game that suits you best.

Whereas the scatter icon can appear on any reel, the wild appears only on one of the three central ones. When you assemble a winning combination that includes the latter, you unlock free spins and are granted five free spins. You can manage to retrigger it, provided that the wild icon appears again in a winning combination. Moreover, if you land the scatter symbol in this process, you are granted an equal amount of money you have won when you unlocked the feature in the first place.

</p> <h2 id="Final">Final Thoughts</h2> <p>

As we have established, Big Red slot is a simple game that is neither difficult to explain nor to play. It is a standard slot game in terms of the format. It features five reels, a wild and a scatter symbol, five paylines, and a fixed jackpot. On the other hand, it is exceptional in some other aspects. The most prominent one is the fact that the symbol unlocking the free spins feature is the wild one instead of the scatter. Furthermore, the RTP rate of the game is rather high, placing this game among the most lucrative ones on the market.

We have tried Big Red slots for free, and we advise you to do the same. The background depicting Australian scenery compliments the staples on the reels, welcoming you to the wilderness of the Land Down Under. If it proves to be appealing to you, you can go ahead and wager money on it, because in addition to being entertaining, this game has potential in terms of being profitable as well. Although the fixed jackpot it features can deliver only $1,250, this game offers some other ways of making a profit.

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